NEC Front Row
Tuesday, August 20

Multi-event viewer

HOW IT WORKS: Just click the links for each event to select up to four of today's events to view simultaneously.

AUDIO: Your first selection will automatically have audio enabled, while the rest of your selections will be muted by default. You can manually use the player volume controls to activate the audio and listen to your other selections at any time.

FEATURES: Beneath the player will be a "Showcase" button to feature that event exclusively as well as a "Ticker" button to launch a pop up window of the social media conversation for today's event (check your pop-up blocker if the ticker button is not working).

FULL SCREEN: Full-screen mode is disabled because the best-quality stream for full-screen viewing is the isolated or "Showcase" feed for each event.

ARCHIVES: If the event you select is over and an archive is posted, you will be able to watch the archive while also viewing live events.

NEC Front Row
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